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Is it time to get high from your own supply?

28 January 2018

The craze first began in Japan due to concerns over the high air pollution levels.  The trend even grew so big it spread into Mexico, America, Canada too.

That’s right, I’m talking about oxygen.

Since the surge in popularity in the 90’s, oxygen bars have been taking the world by storm. These hubs are selling “hits” of oxygen that supposedly boosts energy levels, wakes you up and even cures hangovers. If you’ve ever been to one, I can bet my right arm you were shouting about it to your friends, family, and colleagues…possibly even your cat too?

Yep, oxygen is the new fad, but opinions are like belly buttons. We all have them.

It might sound far-fetched, and it’s easy to be sceptical for those who have never tried it out, but those who have are hooked. Here’s why:

Oxygen is a gas that your body needs in order to work well. In busy places such as city offices, the oxygen levels in the room drop through-out the day as the carbon dioxide levels build up, leaving us competing for oxygen. 21% oxygen is the ideal level for humans and what can be found in forests. However, only 17% is found in city offices late in the day.

When you inhale pure oxygen, it enters your blood stream through your lungs and goes straight to the brain, keeping you on your A-game.

Advocates of the ‘natural high’ talk about the benefits such as stress relief, increased energy and alertness, lessening effects of hangovers, headaches, sinus problems and generally relaxing the body.

Sound too good to be true? Apparently, it’s not.

Whether they’re on the street or in malls, casinos, or nightclubs, you can find one just about anywhere you go. In fact, even the professionals are at it. We’ve all seen it on TV, when the football player runs to the side-lines at half time and dons an oxygen mask. The proof is in the pudding, right?

There’s just one problem with these bars. Oxygen is commonly used when you’re sluggish, stressed, and most in need of a fix – so, are you really going to feel like getting out of bed and making your way out to the nearest pick-me-up? Or (more realistically) binge-watch Netflix, avoid your workload and pray you don’t get fired?

Thanks to the INBair O2, oxygen has never been more accessible. It’s the world’s most portable, lightweight and stylish oxygen purifier. Now you can have 40% purified oxygen, anytime, anywhere.

We specialise in ground-breaking air purification technology, and are launching INBair O2 in March on Indiegogo and (here’s the best bit!) we’re offering a 40% launch day discount.


The unit switches off automatically after 30 minutes, the recommended daily dose, so no need for egg-timers. It’s designed perfectly for those with busy schedules, meaning you can take it on the road using the car jack, or up in the air with a flight-safe battery pack.

Important: The INBair O2 is not a medical product, and with the designer bag and sleek headset, it won’t be mistaken for one either. No need for intrusive nasal cannulas, simply put the headset around your neck and breathe normally.


We’ve all had those mornings where it’s all too easy to hide under the duvet and call in sick. Just 30 minutes of oxygen from the INBair O2 will give your brain the boost it needs to help you be at your best.

If 90% of your energy comes from oxygen, maybe it’s time to get high from your own supply?

What do people think?

“I didn’t sleep well last night and felt a bit sluggish. Genuinely after 20 minutes I feel like I could solve some complex problems!” – Rick Hawcrowft

“I feel more energized, more awake and now I’m off to the gym! I would need this every week day morning. I’m more invigorated for sure.” – Helen Mcginty

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