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Stories From Our Customers

7 March 2018


We could talk all day about the benefits of the INBair O2, but there’s no need to take our word for it. To get some real feedback, we took the INBair O2 into offices and homes to offer 30 minute trials to anyone who was brave enough to try it, asking them how they felt both before and after their oxygen hit.

Naturally, the participants were sceptical at first. However, 30 minutes later and it was smiles all-round. There was talk of feeling “more energised” and “more awake” – just like we had expected.

“I would need this every weekday morning. I’m more invigorated for sure!” – Helen McGinty

Rick Hawcroft (35 years old) was feeling “sluggish” after a rough nights sleep when we first met up. He soon changed his tune, though, after 20 minutes of purified oxygen, saying,

“Genuinely, after 20 minutes I feel like I could solve some complex problems!” – Rick Hawcroft

So do we Rick!

The INBair O2 is the perfect tool for those early mornings, especially after a late (but fun!) night.

We have designed the INBair O2 to fit in with your non-stop schedule. Take it on the road using the car jack, or up in the air with a flight-safe battery pack.


“That tiredness feeling that I had before…it’s gone.” – Tino Triste

Want to see for yourself? Check out our Indiegogo pre-launch page – we’re offering a 40% launch day discount!


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